Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Kill Yourself Tour '09

The Kill Yourself Tour '09 brought to you by Roots n' Ruckus is coming to an end here in North Carolina. It started back what seems so long ago when Willy and I flew out to Seattle, WA. We continued to play on the West Coast then came back east. The tour...

Alynda Lee Segarra the driving force of Hurray for the Riff Raff came with us solo

Samuel Doores (Sundown Songs)

Willy Gantrim

and Yours Truly...

and Cameron (who accompanied us on the Bass)....

List of favorite venues....
Cafe Racer - Ravenna, Seattle
The Uptown Tavern (we love Kittie) - Port Townsend, WA
Bob's Famous Java Jive - Tacoma, WA (a wonderful venue and gig with Tommy Dean, Mindy, Annamarie & Family)
Alberta St Pub - Portland, Oregon
Red and Black Cafe - Portland, Oregon
The Wandering Goat - Eugene, OR (unlimited free beer for musicians microbrew)
Empire Coffee - Chico, California
(Yana and Ian are the best)
Hotel Utah - San Fancisco
Dream Away Lodge - Beckett, Mass
Plough and Stars - Cambridge, Mass
Gilbert's - Camden, Maine
Johnny's - Carrboro, NC
OUR FINAL SHOW IS ON TUESDAY THE 29th at Larue's Backdoor in Asheville, NC

Gigs With old Friends

Blind Boy Paxton kicked it with us for a few days in the bay area, we played together @ Hotel Utah in SF, the Abco house in Oakland, and Mamma Buzz in Oakland.

We jumped on the bill with Brownbird Rudy Relic and Orb Mellon in Cambridge, Mass

Wonderful Encounters

The Kill Yourself Tour '09 has crossed the mighty nation! We're just about to get to Asheville, NC and we just played a marvelous gig at Johnny's on Main St in Carrboro. Here's some amazing talent we encountered crossing the country.....
Clarence Gallagher who resides on a farm in Northern Washington....

Kit of the dearly departed Inkwell Rhythm Makers with the Crow Quill Night Owls with Hans on fiddle... u can find them busking in downtown Port Townsend, Wa

Tommy Dean of Tacoma

Shannon Jae of Seattle

Lonesome Shack

Alison Self